We are proud to present the new crash proof lip mechanism. This mechanism is now provided as an optional extra on our Docklevellers. The benefits of this crash resistant lip mechanism are as follows:

  • Crash resistant lip mechanism
  • Maintenance costs become virtually a thing of the past
  • Increased reliability
  • Little or no down time

The new crash proof lip mechanism allows your vehicles to crash into the lip when it is fully extended and the lip will simply fold away. As the vehicle is pulled forward again the lip will simply re-extend itself.
The Dock-Rite Dockleveller is the strongest on the South African market, this coupled with our new crash resistant lip mechanism, makes the Dock-Rite Dockleveller a world leader.

We will be closed for our annual shutdown from the 15th of December 2016 to the 10th of January 2017. Should you require any assistance over this period please contact C-J Milln on 0027 (0) 833839220 or email him on cj@dockleveller.co.za  /  leads @dockleveller.co.za