Axess Lifts

PRESTIGE: Electric Lift with Cabin

The PRESTIGE has a comfortable lift cabin instead of a platform, bringing luxury and elegance to the highest level and making it ideal for residences, as a stretcher lift or for outside use.

The PRESTIGE is a spindle driven cabin lift with an electric instead of a hydraulic drive and fully integrated control that is both comfortable and easy to use and meets the requirements of the most demanding clients.


  • Electric drive instead of a hydraulic drive
  • Pit of only 70 mm required, no need to break open the roof
  • Standard 2100 mm high doors
  • Several cabin dimensions
  • With the optional cabin folding door the operation of the lift is fully automatic
  • Aluminium full glass doors available
  • LED lighting in cabin
  • Minimum structural preparation
  • Installation within a few days
  • Extremely safe and responsible
  • No machine room
  • No hydraulics, so no leakage
  • Low power consumption
  • No obligatory periodic lift inspection
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Fitted with surface mounted telephone (option: automatic telephone dialler or GSM-Module)

Specifications Prestige

Model Prestige electric cabin lift
European legislation Machine guideline 2006-42-EC
Manufactured by Axess
Country of origin The Netherlands
CE Certificate issued by Liftinstituut (NIVL)
General specifications  
Number of stops Max. 8
Lifting capacity (kg) 400 – 630 – 1000 kg
Lifting height (mm) max. 15000
Speed (m/s) 0,15
Pit depth (mm) 70
Shaft headroom (mm) 2400 mm (standard)
2500 mm (in combination with electric folding door)
Platform operation Automatic “one touch” buttons
Shaft operation Hold buttons (standard)
Automatic (in combination with electric folding door)
Cabin specifications  
Cabine type Classic / Elegance / Panoramic
Internal height (mm) 2100
Cabin access Same side / opposite / right-angled
Wall finish HPL laminate or glass
Floor finish PVC or Granite 90
Ceiling Sheet metal wit or SST
Lighting LED spotlights
Control buttons Large buttons 60 x 40 mm with blue LED lighting
Hand rail Curved, SST
Mirror Optional
Automatic telephone dialler
or GSM-Module
Lift doors  
Type Aluminium or steel
Design Shaft door, opening 90°, self closing
Glazing Small or large glass window
Hinges Built in, invisible from outside
Door closing mechanism Built in
Door finish Anodised / powder coated / primer
Cabin folding door Optional (incl. Override control)
Drive Srew spindle
Motor control Electric with a direct start or frequency inverter
Control Microprocessor
Engine power (kW) 2.2 / 3.0 / 5.5
Voltage (V) 400 V
Safety provisions
Emergency lighting
Safety relays
Emergency lowering control
Photocells class II
Emergency stop button
Overload detection
Audible alarm
Safety nut, electrically controlled
Emergency lighting
Electric door latches
Emergency door keys
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