S.A’s No.1 Dockleveller Manufacturer

Dockleveller Supplies, a market leader in the manufacture of docking equipment in South Africa, is the only company in the country who manufactures all of the different types of docklevellers, including the airbag, manual hydraulic, electro hydraulic, extending lip, and the fifth wheel dockleveller. As a result of this we are not biased but rather offer genuine advice [...]

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Dockleveller Supplies teams up with Dutch company, Axess lifts to supply South Africa with a new cost effective disability lift. This lift is always supplied with a modular shaft, meaning very little in terms of building costs. It requires no pit and it does not have a machine room or an extended shaft top, all [...]

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Truck Restraints only R15 000.00 each

Have you ever considered what would happen if a forklift was on top of a dockleveller and the truck drove off?  Catastrophy! The forklift would most probably be deposited on the ground in front of the dock with a seriously injured driver (possibly even death) and  a badly damaged forklift.  […]

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