crash resistant lip mechanism

Dockleveller Supplies patented Crash Resistant Lip Mechanism is a major leap forward in the design of docklevellers. This mechanism allows the  dockleveller lip to be impacted any number of times by a vehicle while extended and no damage is done. YES THAT’S RIGHT, NO DAMAGE. No damage resulting in costly repairs,  no down time, nothing.  What we have done is spring loaded the lip activation mechanism so when high pressures are transferred into the lip say by a truck the spring simply compresses rather that something breaking.

In the video you will see a forklift slamming into a dockleveller with the lip extended. the forklift is simulating a truck. Should a standard dockleveller lip suffer the same sorts of impacts applied by the forklift it would quite simply be repair time, more bills and more down time. With this revolutionary Crash Resistant Lip Mechanism by dockleveller Supplies these issue become a thing of the past.