Fuji Yida
  • Dumb waiters are used for carrying small parcels, laundry, plates of food and/or dishes between floors.
  • They can be manufactured in a range of finishes to suit both your budget and your décor.
  • The doors are electrically interlinked to the lift so they will not open unless the lift is at that particular level.
  • A landing light system can also be installed so a waiter or bar tender is aware the lift has arrived.
  • An intercom system can be installed for communication between the two floors.
  • Our dumb waiters are hydraulically powered for increased reliability and minimal maintenance costs.
  • A simple two button operation, call and send.
pdf-download-icon  Fuji Yida Dumb Waiter Specifications


 pdf-download-icon  FUJI YIDA ELEVATOR Catalogue
 pdf-download-icon  EPSS Certificates

These pictures are of a Dumb Waiter in a demo shaft.