Suited for storage rooms, fruit ripening chambers (including tropical fruit and in particular bananas). The door consists of a single door leaf with sections that have been pre-fitted into an anodised, aluminium frame. The tracks are self-supporting and the door leaf is guided vertically. The spring systems are pre-assembled with powder-coated springs. Cable break bottom fixtures are standard supply. The sections are structured according to the sandwich principle. The insulation core consists of CFC-free solid polyurethane foam. The interior and exterior sheet consists of 0.5 mm thick galvanized coated steel sheet. The sophisticated panel connections with special sealing, in combination with the 3-flap gaskets around the door perimeter, ensure optimum gas tightness. Supplied standard with kick-out window that doubles as an emergency exit.

  • ·         Available in 40/80/100 mm thickness embossed with lines on external side, flat non-embossed on inside.

    ·         GPD 40 in various standard colours, GPD 80/100 standard in RAL 9010 Clear White and RAL 9002 Grey White.

    ·         Can be spray coated in selected RAL or NCS colours. Electric operation: motor directly on shaft, fitted with all safety devices like bottom safety edge and slack cable protection.


    ·         Door control can be connected to Ripening Room control systems.