• If electricity is a concern for you then the Manual Hydraulic Dockleveller would be a great option.
  • Should the Dockleveller be exposed to the weather rather than under cover the Manual Hydraulic Dockleveller has no electrical components.
  • Should your needs be of high frequency use either a Airbag Dockleveller or a Electro Hydralic Dockleveller. As the lifting of the unit is powered frequent operation is easier.
  • The electro-hydraulic unit produces increased reliability and ease of operation.
  • 10 Ton standard carrying capacity, however higher capactities can be supplied.
  • Robust lip mechanism has override protection. Our optional extra, the Crash Resistant Lip Mechanism makes impact damage almost a thing of the past. (see the video above)
  • Replacement parts are locally available and economical.



  • Additional welding and hinge style is stronger.
  • Clear path for debris to fall through.
  • Resistant to seizing due to rust.

Manual / Electro Hydraulic Dockleveller.

  • 9 deck support ribs.
  • 10 ton dockleveller built with 6×7.6 checker plate. Higher capacities can be built with thicker plates.
  • Our Hydraulics are locally supplied and parts are readily available..
  • Heavy duty toe guards.
  • 16mm heavy duty lip.
  • Below horizontal safety legs.

The below sizes are standard sizes. However should a special size be needed we are able to manufacture accordingly.

  10 Ton 12 Ton 15 ton
Length 2825 / 3420mm 2825 / 3420mm 2825mm
Width 2110 / 1810mm 2110 / 1810mm 2110 / 1810mm
Depth 500mm 500mm 500mm

We are in the process of creating new brochure for this product. You will find our old brochure below, however there has been lots of development on this product since the below brochure was created. Please contact us for further info should it be required

pdf-download-icon Old Hydraulic Dockleveller Brochure
 pdf-download-icon  Pour in Place Dockleveller
  • Crash Resistant Lip Mechanism.
  • Truck Guides.
  • Vehicle Restraints or Dock Chocks.
  • Galvanized Dockleveller.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Leaf Type Bumpers.
  • Free standing Base frame and/or Dock Pod.
  • Dual Swing Arm Dock Light.
  • Dock Gap Brushes.