Create a convenient pedestrian entry to the garage with our SAFESTEP pass door system!

SAFESTEP allows customers to build a pass door that features a solid construction, low tolerances and a very good appearance, on the inside and outside of the door. The system consists of separate parts and profiles, with which a complete pass door can be assembled.

SAFESTEP features:

  • Smooth design
  • Integrated, non-visible hinges
  • Convenience of low threshold
  • Strong construction, fits perfectly
  • Door opens to the outside
  • CE-Initial Type Testing Report
 The convenience of not doing all the cutting and assembling of pass door parts by yourself is available with our pre-assembled SAFESTEP kits. Cutting and milling pass door profile for finger safe sections is a precise job. Dockleveller Supplies has the production volume and machinery to do that for you. For different panel brands, panel heights, threshold versions, left or right opening and in the colour or finish that you require.

Next to our kits, convenient parts are available for upgrades, such as door closers, panic bars,  safety switches and locks and grips.