Axess Lifts

PREMIER: Easy and comfortable to use

The PREMIER sets the standard in platform lifts: leading in lift development, design, quality & technology and all at a low cost. Requiring hardly any structural preparation and with up to 1000 kg lifting capacity available, this is the latest generation of Axess platform lifts. Our engineers have pushed the envelope in its development and the results are impressive: the lift has a totally new design in every respect.

The PREMIER is very easy and to use, it has low investment costs and meets the requirements of the most demanding clients.


  • Fully integrated control
  • No lift pit and no need to break open the roof
  • Door height 2100 mm standard. Also available with a height of 2300 mm
  • Door width of 1100 mm and a platform with a standard 1000 mm instead of 900 mm
  • Standard blue LED lighting around the control buttons
  • Free hanging spindle to prevent vibrations
  • Self-lubricating skids
  • Vertical platform wall as one flat wall so there aren’t any visible joints and gaps
  • Glass panels available with a height of 1890 mm
  • Shaft panels of 25 mm thickness to make the lift significantly quieter
  • Door and shaft plating powder coated in RAL9016 (white) as standard
  • Lift profiles of anodised aluminium, colour optional

Premier Specifications


Model Premier Platform lift
European legislation Machine guideline 2006-42-EC
Manufactured by Axess
Country of origin The Netherlands
CE Certificate issued by Liftinstituut (NIVL)
General specifications  
Number of stops Max. 8
Lifting capacity (kg) 400 – 630 – 1000 kg
Lifting height (mm) max. 15000
Speed (m/s) 0,15
Pit depth (mm) 50 or 200 mm for 1000 kg version
Shaft headroom (mm) 2250 (for 2100 mm high doors),
2350 with shaft roof
Platform operation Hold
Shaft operation Automatic “one touch”
Platform specifications  
Access Same side, opposite or right-angled
Vertical wall finish Steel powder coated RAL 9006
Floor finish PVC in standard colour of choice
Control panel Horizontal with hold buttons
Hand rail On operating side, integrated
Lift doors  
Type Aluminium or steel
Design Shaft door, opening 90°
Free passage height (mm) 2100 (1900 up to 2300 is option)
Hinges Invisible from outside
Door shutter Built in
Door finish Anodised or powder coated (standard RAL 9016)
Drive Screw spindle
Control Microprocessor
Engine power (kW) 2.2 / 3.0 / 4.0 (400 / 630 / 1000 kg)
Voltage (V) 230 or 400 V
Safety provisions  
Emergency power supply in case of failures Overload detection
Emergency stop button Safety nut
Audible alarm Emergency manual override (winder)
Noodverlichting Telephone
Electric door latches Emergency door keys
Safety edges all around Safety relays

Premier Dimensions

Standard lift dimensions (in free set up)

1000 1500 1400 1580 900 400/630 Standard wheelchair lift

Structural recess: SB/SD + 30 mm

Different dimensions (in free set up)

800 1250 1200 1330 700 400  
900 1500 1300 1580 800 400  
1000 1300 1400 1380 900 400  
1100 1400 1500 1480 1000 400/630 Standard wheelchair lift
1100 1500 1500 1580 1000 400/630  
1100 1700 1500 1780 1000 630 Mobility scooter lift
1100 2100 1500 2180 1000 630/1000 Stretcher lift

Structural recess: SB/SD + 30 mm

Standard lift dimensions (in structural set up)

1000 1500 1440 1610 900 400/630 Standard wheelchair lift

Different dimensions (in structural set up)

800 1250 1240 1360 700 400  
900 1500 1340 1610 800 400  
1000 1300 1440 1410 900 400  
1100 1400 1540 1510 1000 400/630 Standard wheelchair lift
1100 1500 1540 1610 1000 400/630  
1100 1700 1540 1810 1000 630 Mobility scooter lift
1100 2100 1540 2210 1000 630/1000 Stretcher lift

All versions have a 50 mm pit except the 1000 kg version, which has a 200 mm pit.

The door, your lift’s business card

The standard steel doors are also available as fire doors or in full glass. The aluminium full glass doors with beautiful integrated handles give the lift an even more luxurious look. The lift controls are fitted with specially designed components and, as a result of this, the control panel is hidden from view, flush mounted with the door panel without any unsightly protruding parts.

Aluminium door vs. Steel door

  • No welding joints
  • Smooth and svelte surface
  • Warm look
  • No corrosion
  • No spot welds in the door panel
  • Low weight and therefore easy to open


Door type Material  Window Characteristics
 ALUVISION  Aluminium  None  Beautiful, transparent, light
 ST1  Steel  Small rectangle  Traditional appearance
 ST4  Steel  None  Steel panorama door
 F60B  Steel  Small rectangle  60 minutes fire resistant
 ST0  Steel  None  Closed steel door
 F60A  Steel  None  60 minutes fire resistant

Premier finish and options

Options, a few of the possibilities

  • Glass shaft panels
  • Powder coating lift in a RAL colour
  • Ramp (in case of no 50 mm pit)
  • Steel shaft reinforcement
  • Fire resistant doors
  • Automatic door openers
  • Soft start/stop with a frequency inverter
  • Automatic emergency lowering system
  • Key switch
  • Access selection with a code panel
  • GSM-Module (excl. SIM)
  • School lock
  • Evacuation switch
  • Digital display with floor indicator
  • Elbow operated buttons
  • Automatic telephone dialler
  • Folding seat on the platform
  • Shaft suitable for outside set up
  • Shaft roof with LED lighting
  • Door fitted with large glass window

Besides this selection there are also many other options possible. Please contact us


Floor covering PVC

Premier_Biscuit Premier_Dolphin Premier_Black(standaard) Premier_Cloud Premier_Tundra Premier_Terracotta
Biscuit Dolphin Black
Cloud Tundra Terracotta

Premier_Kleuren vloer

Shaft and doors are available in all RAL colours.


Saving on your construction costs
No lift pit
No loft conversion
No machine room
Shaft included
Little disturbance
Modular construction “can pass through the front door”
Minimum amount of structural preparations
Installation within a few days
A thought out design
400 or 630 kg lifting capacity in accordance with the European guidelines for platform lifts
25 mm thick shaft panels with high insulation and audible value
Automatic operation from the first floor and above (one-touch buttons)
A lift for each application
Standard lift suitable for wheelchairs: platform 1000 x 1500 mm
Especially for mobility scooters: platform 1100 x 1700 mm
As a stretcher lift: platform 1100 x 2100 mm (also in 1000 kg)
Yes, appearance does matter
Large 2 metre high  glass panels are available
Control buttons with “blue LED” technology
Control buttons flush mounted with the panel
Shaft panels without visible aluminium separation profiles
The door, your lift’s business card 
Aluminium full glass doors available
Minimum top and bottom sill, so larger glass surface
Control panel flush mounted with the door,
without any protruding parts
Standard 2100 mm passage
Low costs
No obligatory periodic lift inspection
Low power consumption
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