fire rated shutter door
  • Custom designed and fabricated
  • Heavy duty
  • Provides high security
  • Maximum Strength
  • Wide Range of colours
  • CUSTOMISED -All doors are CUSTOMISED TO SUIT your specific opening and requirements. A VARIETY OF PROFILES and steel thickness of 0.6, 0.8 or 1mm are used. The door can be powder coated to match your development’s aesthetics. We install the doors and will train the operators where necessary. 
  • OPERATING MECHANISM- DIFFERENT operating MECHANISMS are available such as PUSH/PULL, CHAIN, GEARBOX or ELECTRIC MOTOR DRIVEN. We will, during the design of the shutter, advise and incorporate the best option for your application.
  • LOCKING DEVICES- Barrel bolts, chain locks or pin locks can be incorporated into the shutter at point of manufacture. A combination of the locks may be used if ultra-high security is required.