Limited space, the Perfect Solution

The CUBE is the perfect solution when there is only limited space.
The CUBE sections concertina compactly behind the structural opening, therefore a
limited depth for the installation is not a problem.
The CUBE is available with A40 (aluminium), if required combined with S40 (steel), sections.
The use of aluminium sections means that the door can be designed with extensive creative
freedom. We only use high-quality components to ensure a long and trouble-free life.
The CUBE is characterised by:

• Compact installation

• Very suitable for installation in combination with a crane track

• Vehicle lifts can be installed immediately behind the door

• High-quality aluminium profiles

• Strong and stable

• Simple to maintain

• Silent

When designing the CUBE, safety was at the forefront. The CUBE industrial
door meets the CE requirements laid down in the European guideline for
industrial doors (NEN-EN 13241-1). In combination with a drive, you
can choose from various safety devices and operating options.
Characteristics of the Cube
The CUBE is our technological show piece. The robust concept and the use of high-quality materials guarantee problem-free operation.
The CUBE is a reliable and durable aluminium door offering a wide range of options.
Each door is designed and constructed completely to your individual wishes.
This makes every CUBE unique, meaning that it can reflect the individual styling
of your building and your corporate identity.
Technical data
Maximum dimensions (w x h) : 4500 x 4750 mm
Section filling : Windows, glass and open/blank fillings in various versions.
Required clearance at the top: Top : 1100 mm
Behind : 850 mm
Required free installation depth: Top : 750 mm
Behind : 1000 mm
Required side clearance: Side : 95 mm
Operating side : 360 mm
Standard colour : Anodised aluminium in all possible RAL colours
Wind load : Class 4
Water load : Class 3
Air permeability : Class 3
Heat insulation : 3.84 W/M²*K (fully acrylic double)
Drive : Electrical
Operating equipment : Standard control box, various options
Values mentioned above apply to a door size of 4000 x 3500 mm

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